There’s no question Rhode Island is a liberal state. Its House of Representatives has 66 Democrats and 9 Republicans, its Senate 33 Democrats and 5 Republicans. The Providence Journal has weaned the population on a steady diet of left-leaning news (just read the Letters to the Editor) and in many cases has omitted right-leaning news.

 I offer you this glaring example.

 How many words did the Journal devote to the killing of Cpl. Ronil Singh, allegedly by the illegal alien Gustavo Perez Arriaga, a Sureno gang member in the sanctuary state of California? None, zero, zilch, nil! Not until long after his death on Jan. 5 (122 words).

 Where’s the Journal’s compassion? Did you not see and feel the grief the of the murdered officer’s brother? I find the lack of coverage of Corporal Singh’s murder despicable.

 And yet, from his death on Dec 26 to Jan. 5, the Journal has devoted 1,453 words to hordes of immigrants who are attempting to invade our country illegally: "More health exams instituted for children at U.S. border" (591 words, Dec. 30); "A village mourns the loss of a child" (Dec. 31, 609 words); "Administration denies status to young migrants due to age" (Jan. 5, 793 words).

The one bright spot is the editorials, which attempt to hold the scoundrels that make this state a laughingstock to a higher standard — of course, after endorsing them!

 Frank Imbruglia