John Grasso is right on in his Dec. 2 Commentary piece ("Campus sex policies breed injustice"). Sexual misconduct is a serious matter, especially when it involves alleged rape, a major felony. Universities and colleges have no business adjudicating such charges.

Imperfect as the criminal justice system is, it is much better equipped to handle alleged crimes than college and university disciplinary committees, which, as Mr. Grasso points out, often comprise students and clueless faculty. My advice to every college official to whom an alleged sex crime is reported is: pick up the telephone and call the local police.

Part of the 1972 Title IX federal law is flawed in requiring institutions of higher education to deal with crimes of sexual violence internally. Should they do the same for cases of murder? Treason? And other "high" crimes? I don't think so.

 Peter S. Allen


 The writer is a retired professor of anthropology at Rhode Island College, where he once served on a student disciplinary board that adjudicated cases of alleged sexual assault.