Thanksgiving was a real hoot this year! After we ate enough food to feed a small horse, the reminiscing began.

I am part of the older generation now, as moms and dads are gone. Our nieces and nephews were in stitches, hearing of our shenanigans as kids! Then we remembered our Nana.

Nana was an orphan, worked hard in a mill, got married and had two children. Her husband died very young, of pneumonia, and she became a single parent to my aunt, who worked full-time, and my young cousin. Nana loved her grandchildren like her own.

Her customary "garb" was a house dress with the strap of her slip hanging down. She seldom wore her dentures and had Coke-bottle-thick glasses. She was not rich monetarily, but she had more love for us than you can imagine.

She did have one fault, though. The old Ann & Hope store in Cumberland about 60 years ago had merchandise in wooden bins. Nana fancied herself as being quite the kleptomaniac, pocketing small items such as lipstick, Chapstick, etc. Then she would go into a laughing fit, her face would turn red, and she would cough and cough! We couldn't get out of there fast enough!

I am happy to say that none of her grandchildren inherited that gene, and if that was her only fault, it provided for much hilarity around the dining room table on Thanksgiving Day.

God bless you, Nana.

Mary Ellen Lukasiewicz