I don't live in Rhode Island anymore, but why did you guys reelect Gina Raimondo as governor? She offered empty words and inaction.

 It baffles me how much the state of Rhode Island is afraid of change, new leadership, innovation, forward-thinking ideals and progress.

 Did all of you just keep her in office to have another four more years of jokes and punch lines?

Where did all the jobs go in Rhode Island? Why have businesses up and left for other states? How long are you going to rely on tolls, nostalgia, coffee milk, hot wieners and Del's Lemonade to float the state economy? Talk about the good times, and Benny's, and the Pawtucket Red Sox all you want, but all you Rhode Islanders need to wake up.

Though we can't place decades of problems squarely on this governor, we certainly didn't help matters by keeping things idle, stagnant or worse for the next four years.

It will be like purgatory. No progress. Rudderless. Living in Tax Hell with flatlined wages.

 Keep holding on to nothing, Little Rhody, and see how long nothing lasts.

Erik Russo

Los Angeles