For those of us who love trees, your Nov. 4 front-page story "Trees under siege" was heartbreaking. The statistic that made me the angriest was that in a typical year National Grid cuts down 1,400 trees, of which only 350 are dead. That meant that over 1,000 healthy trees are destroyed each year because they might fall on electrical lines. The answer is to bury these wires so Rhode Island isn’t beset by outages each time we have a storm and yet can keep our trees.

To make matter worse, Southern Sky Renewable Energy has destroyed over 60 acres of trees in Cranston for a solar farm and then cut even more trees along the path of the high-tension wires connecting the farm to the grid.

Rhode Islanders should support laws that allow solar farms only in industrial areas, on brownfields and other property that is not forested.

Sandra Moyer