I read the Aug. 4 Associated Press news article “Motive still unknown in Las Vegas Shooting,” and several things stand out.

First, the headline did not pique my curiosity. The helpless tone of it smacked of the National Rifle Association-inflicted Stockholm syndrome that says there's nothing we can do about mass shootings. I don't care why mass shooters slaughter people. Analyzing motives rewards the shooter. I care more about how they do it.

Also, the article states that this shooter's doctor knew he was bipolar, yet it states that while the shooter had “a troubled mind” there was “no troubling behavior that would trigger a call to law enforcement.” That's a pretty low bar to allow the purchase of military grade weaponry.

Much later, the article it states that the shooter “made nearly $95,000 in firearms related purchases.” No one should be allowed to buy $95,000 in firearms, especially someone with bipolar disorder. Maybe before people buy guns they should be required to get affidavits from a doctor saying they are not mentally ill.

Fifty-eight Americans killed and 800 others injured by one man. Country music and American freedom of assembly itself both seriously damaged.

What is wrong with this country that we can't summon the will to protect ourselves from this form of domestic terrorism?

Nancy Ruzzo