I applaud Rhode Island's “hands-free” cellphone law. With any new law, there are always a few bumps that need to be worked out. I am referring to the July 1 article ("Your call") on how the police are handling it. Time will take care of those minor problems.

The state Department of Transportation did a good job of notifying the public of the new law by using electronic billboards throughout the state. Once the law went into effect, these signs were changed to again tell us about traffic problems, which is good.

My problem is that we don’t have any permanent signs at our borders that notify travelers that we are a “hands-free" state. We are beginning our summer season and many out-of-state visitors are coming to Rhode Island to visit our many tourist attractions. What a way to greet them, with a ticket for a law that they are not aware of!

We are a good state, so we should notify our out-of-state visitors of this good law.

Richard P. Smith