Roe v. Wade was decided nearly 50 years ago. That decision should be reconsidered in view of subsequent scientific discoveries.

Dr. Jerome Lejeune, the noted French physician-geneticist who discovered the cause of Down Syndrome, has used a DNA sequencer to establish that a zygote's DNA is distinguishable from that of the mother and is unlike that of any other human being.

Testifying before a Senate subcommittee, Harvard Medical School Prof. Micheline Roth stated, "It is scientifically correct to say that an individual human life begins at conception."

There is solid medical evidence that an unborn baby is pain-sensitive at 20 weeks, prior to the maturation of the cortex, which occurs at 28 weeks. Thanks to sonograms, live-action ultrasounds and movies like "The Silent Scream," the gruesome, painful death of aborted unborn children is on display for anyone who has the stomach to witness it.

Kenneth J. Rampino

North Kingstown