With some of our representatives in Washington facing reelection, we are bracing for the onslaught of political robocalls that will soon invade our homes.

I have been reading boasts by Rhode Island lawmakers about their achievements over the past several years. Rep. James Langevin should be commended for bringing the House of Representatives to an acceptable level of handicap accessibility. Rep. David Cicilline has said he will donate his brain to science, which is an honorable thought, and one can only hope the other representatives will follow suit.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse claims he had the volume lowered on TV commercials (I, for one, have noticed no difference). Whitehouse has also taken on global warming and giving a weekly speech on this subject to sparse audiences in the Senate Chamber. (Looking for a Nobel Prize, à la Al Gore?) Sen. Jack Reed sits on some major committees without too much fanfare from him or his associates.

It occurred to me that these elected officials could pick up the sword and declare war on the rash of robocalls, scam calls and the overall bothersome and sometime frightening calls plaguing U.S. citizens.

We all know the Do Not Call list does not work. I'm sure that our representatives could come up with a viable solution. They could begin by eliminating their own robocalls.

Arthur J. Levesque