A full ticket of post-election oddznendz:

• The best thing about Election Day may be that the TV campaign ads are over.

We'll see no more photos of crying DCYF children or Allan Fung sporting a goofy Trump cap. Or an awkward Sheldon Whitehouse on the water with an oyster farmer or an old lady saying, "Sheldon is kind of a doofus." Gee, classy ad, Bob Flanders.

Now? “Holiday Road" should be on the radio any day. It's Christmas season.

• Weirdest local election tidbit? Father and son David Quiroa, a Republican, and David Quiroa Jr., an independent, took on incumbent state Rep. Marvin Abney — and each other.

And neither seemed to put much effort into it — or maybe it was a lack of cash.

• Weirdest statewide episodes? Two candidates busted on charges of possessing 48 pounds of weed (for religious purposes, they say).

And Cap'n Joe Trillo running his campaign yacht aground off Charlestown. Trillo blamed everyone but himself.

Guess those rocks just jumped out at him.

• Flanders went after Whitehouse and his relentless focus on climate change. Thing is, we live in a state surrounded by water. So climate change and the predicted rise in sea levels are kind of important to us.

• My write-in candidacy for lieutenant governor fell short (mercifully). But I did get some votes, after spending no cash and doing no campaigning.

So, in a twisted way, it was a success. Even the Quiroas worked harder.

• The Newport election showed just how diverse the city is becoming.

• Too many candidates were unopposed or faced only token opposition in 2018.

• The most powerful politician in the state is House Speaker Nick Mattiello. And he's elected by a small district in Cranston.

• Would it surprise anyone if Gina Raimondo ran for a U.S. Senate seat when Whitehouse or Jack Reed retire?

• As a reporter, Election Night was always fun: getting results, tracking down winners and losers. Technology has made it easier and earlier.

One of the fun parts was finding candidates who were drinking early and often. One guy from Jamestown slurred by phone, "You guys are all a bunch of --------."

Needless to say, the paper had endorsed his victorious opponent.

I miss moments like that — and cold pizza at 2 a.m.

• I feel nostalgic when I recall that I worked my first Election Night in 1978, as a 20-year-old stringer for WPRO-AM at the old Cranston Hilton (the real hotel, not the ACI).

My first interview was U.S. Rep. Eddie Beard, the former house painter.

• And stepping away from election fare, good luck to Newport Daily News publisher Bill Lucey and managing editor Jon Zins, who are moving on to new careers.

With more than a combined 50 years at the paper, that's a lot of institutional memory heading out the door.

Jim Gillis is a Daily News columnist. Send him email at jimgillis13@gmail.com.