When you have a player as athletic as senior Daryll Stanton, getting the ball in his hands as much as possible is a smart move. Rogers High School football coach Frank Newsome made that decision, moving Stanton from receiver to running back a few weeks into the season.

“I like it, honestly,” Stanton said. “At wide receiver, I wasn’t getting the ball as much, so I couldn’t help my team.”

“He’s one of our best players. We couldn’t really get him the ball, and at wide receiver, you’re limited to how many times you can get him the ball, so we felt like we needed a change," Newsome said. "We spoke to Daryll about moving him to running back and he was excited ... He’s done a great job,”

Stanton has been effective in the backfield, rushing for 711 yards and scoring nine touchdowns in three weeks. In the Vikings' win over Classical last week, Stanton gained more than 300 yards.

For Stanton, the hardest part about his new position is the fatigue that comes with being so involved in the offense. But running with the ball and scoring more makes it worth it, he said. He gives a lot of credit to his offensive line as the reason for his success.

The Vikings are 2-2 in league play and Stanton has been an integral part of their recent victories. He’s settled into the position and is understanding the plays and the purpose behind them.

“You got a talented kid who’s extremely smart, who you can build your offense around and he’s only been doing it for three weeks,” Newsome said. “We feel like we get better every week and he gets better every week.”

Newsome noted that Stanton's selflessness as a teammate and his character has made him a strong candidate for Athlete of the Week.

“I think when you think of Athlete of the Week, you’re thinking he’s got to be a good guy, too," the coach said. "Daryll’s extremely smart, a committed kid, has been asked to do a lot and has accepted every challenge we’ve asked him to do. You want kids to be a good reflection of what your program’s about and what your school’s about.

"He’s committed to knowing it’s about all of us … To me, some of it is what he’s done on the field, but a lot of it is what he’s done off the field."

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