PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Police in Providence are investigating a home invasion early Friday morning.

Four or five masked, armed men entered through the back door of a home at 22 Myrtle St. at around 1:30 a.m., police said, the latest of several home invasions in the past few weeks.

“We believe they’re all targeted,” Major David Lapatin said at a news conference. “The public in general does not have to be concerned for their safety over these.”

Police said officers were flagged down by people who had escaped the house after the home invasion.

They told police that four or five masked men entered with firearms through a back door and restrained them, then ransacked the house. The suspects made off with some items from the home, police said.

Three kids were also home at the time, police said.

“They really don’t care who’s at home at the time,” Lapatin said. “Whether it’s a small child or an elderly person, they really don’t care. They’re after certain things. We’re just fortunate no one’s been hurt so far.”

Home invasions took place in June on Hanover Street and Monticello Street. A home invasion also took place in May on Gallatin Street. Lapatin said four or five home invasions have been reported in the past six weeks.

Police are investigating whether the recent home invasions are linked. Suspects in home invasions sometimes hit the wrong homes, Lapatin has said.