An environmental impact report was released last week, which details the details of the next planned set of 10 toll collection locations.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Days before trucking businesses sued the state over its new truck toll system, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation last week released for public comment an environmental impact report for the next 10 planned toll collection points.

The 198-page report outlines what, where, how and why the DOT plans to build the next set of toll gantries. As expected, they are on Routes 95, 195, 295, 6 and 146 in the towns of Warwick, Providence, Pawtucket, Cranston, Johnston, Cumberland, East Providence, Lincoln and North Smithfield.

The report concludes that these new tolls, like the two existing toll locations on Route 95 in Washington County, will have minimal or no negative impact on the environment from things like noise, air pollution or additional traffic on non-toll roads.

The DOT has scheduled three public hearings — all on July 27 at 6 p.m. — in Warwick, Providence and Central Falls to gather feedback that will be sent to the Federal Highway Administration for review.

The DOT is hoping that, like the first two Route 95 tolls, the next 10 locations will receive a "Finding of No Significant Impact" from Washington that will let construction go ahead. If the FHWA finds serious environmental concerns, it would trigger a much more in-depth and time-consuming review.

The DOT has said it hopes to have the next 10 truck tolls up and running by the middle of next year. Eventually 14 tolls on tractor trailers are planned in total.

The public hearings are scheduled to take place at:

— Toll Gate High School, 575 Centerville Rd., Warwick

— Mount Pleasant High School, 434 Mount Pleasant Ave., Providence

— Central Falls High School, 24 Summer St., Central Falls

Residents can send written comments to the DOT by Aug. 11.